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2008-05-30 11:22:44 by frogger2k8

yeah, i got banned off newgrounds for 12 more days so, i just wanted to share my new game with you all rog/amazeing make sure you give it a try, whatever you vote i don't get banned and it gets removed like some crappy site *looks around* .. oh well :D the 3 people or so that will actually read this have fun lol. wow 6th post, this is great just talking about random crap and then getting 1 or 2 random people look at it and just sigh XD oh well, bored of writing, try my game and vote fairly please.


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2008-05-30 11:24:10

Why did you get banned?

frogger2k8 responds:

for ACCIDENTLY (key word) posting a 3 second animation i done for shits and giggles twice and watching both get blammed in a matter of 3 seconds lol ...


2009-02-17 14:38:13

since snake is still under judgement i cant comment on it that is why i went here .the snake game doesnt work its just a blank white screen ok hope this is fixed bye

frogger2k8 responds:

yes, it does work, it has no preloader and is rather big, try it again and wait like 30 seconds min and it WILL come up.


2009-10-08 18:21:14

I'll vote for you!