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stick man flash

2008-05-10 08:07:13 by frogger2k8

i was looking around newgrounds and thought to my self there really isn't enough stick men fights lol so i am making my very (first shitty flash) own and i will start it later today and hopefully be all done before midnight i will make a football/soccer skill one for starter then maybe a few fights
like the pic :D

stick man flash


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2008-05-10 10:28:32

Wow, a stick man fight. And a crappy one. Good job

frogger2k8 responds:

yeah, i know it sucked and i'm not surprised it got blammed but i am going to stick at it and try improve my skills i need some decent sound effects as all the ones i have found are not free or good so any body who cares please help :D


2008-05-25 13:22:00

stick men should die

frogger2k8 responds:

i agree.