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2008-04-26 17:39:05 by frogger2k8

go on that link if you suport newcastle united ... or just for the hell of it as i get points if you do :D
<a> ans/invite.php?id=559223<a>
send that link to anybody you want as it will help newcastle win this "race" lol


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2008-04-26 19:29:08

I used to be a big football fan when I was younger. xD
i just really forgot about it after high school, I guess. -_-
I think Chelsea was my favorite team back in the 90's :D

frogger2k8 responds:

you ... you forgot. you forgot about football. i am ashamed of you. lolz only kidding thanks for the comment glad to know people actually read this crap :D
and yeah chelsea are an amazing team they are 2nd in the premier ship at the moment i think


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