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blam more ...

2008-04-05 14:21:21 by frogger2k8

cmon people why do you let all the crap in such as blockhead 11 (which is acctually a 5 second crappy loop !!! made by some jerk i voted 0 but it past grrr


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2008-04-05 14:49:08

We don't let them in a whole bunch of people that like making spam flashes do.


2008-04-06 08:38:05

if you enjoy blamming, i suggest you favorite some stuff, change your aura to evil or dark, and rack up some blam points.

(Updated ) frogger2k8 responds:

i do not enjoy blamming and i am normally quite genores with my ratings but some
things just piss me off .. and i am going to change my aura to dark muahaahaahaa
p.s. how do you change your aura ?
p.p.s. never mind about aura :D


2008-04-07 17:40:37

okay dokey then!
i see your adapting to NG very well!